Wrestling veteran casts serious doubts on whether top AEW star could become “The Guy” under Triple H’s WWE regime

AEW has a massive roster that quite a number of fans want to see jump over to WWE, but the star who has made the most noise about this is undoubtedly MJF. But wrestling veteran Jim Cornette doesn’t believe Friedman will ever be the face of WWE.

Maxwell Jacob Friedman is a self-professed generational talent and while fans initially loathed ‘The Salt of the Earth’, in recent months he’s largely won over the audience. But could he really carry that momentum over into WWE and be on the level of John Cena or The Rock?

During a recent episode of The Jim Cornette Experience, the former wrestling manager claimed that WWE is already planning to make Bron Breakker their top star. The veteran also compared the two young athletes to Hulk Hogan and Roddy Piper.

“I know they don’t want to rush him [Breakker] because that’s the ‘Golden Goose’ eventually. MJF is gonna be huge but MJF would lead more towards the Piper spot than the Hogan spot in WWE. They’re always still gonna want a guy like Bron Breakker to be that f**king guy.” (02:45:18 onward).

MJF is going to Hollywood at the age of 26. He’s going to be AEW’s first megastar. https://t.co/wdbIiTcgOG

While many veterans and fans alike have urged MJF to remain with AEW, the former WCW Cruiserweight Champion believes that Friedman should jump ship to WWE as soon as possible.

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Despite MJF being a heel, one of his fellow AEW colleagues and a legend of the industry believes he’s on the “cusp of greatness”

Ever since his heated feud with CM Punk and the explosive “pipe-bomb” promo that followed a few weeks later, the consensus surrounding Friedman has changed dramatically. Today, the star is even seemingly edging towards being a babyface, something Dustin Rhodes doesn’t think is a bad thing.

MJF going to become the biggest babyface in wrestling whenever he returns. https://t.co/BZT7dDYbq6

During a recent interview with Sports Guys Talk Wrestling, Dustin Rhodes levied some heavy praise on the 26-year-old star.

“He’s just on the cusp of his greatness, and he’s doing so many great things right now. The heel, babyface, tweener, back-and-forth? They hated him, they kind of love him. I’ve talked to MJF about this, ‘Sooner or later you’re gonna be a babyface, buddy,’ and it looks like that’s kind of where they’re going.” (H/T: Wrestling Inc)

While some AEW fans seem to be praising Friedman, a few online have pointed out that they’re wary of his good-guy demeanor. Only time will tell, but if MJF wins the AEW World Championship this weekend, he’ll be the face of the promotion for better or worse.

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