Uta comes to life in impeccable One Piece cosplay

A recent cosplay posted to the One Piece series’ unofficial subreddit has received overwhelming support and recognition from fans. u/godirtypop posted their cosplay to the site on Tuesday, January 10, and it has since received 3.7k net upvotes and 150 comments as of this article’s writing.

As is typical of the One Piece fandom, several individuals interacted with the post and hailed the extremely accurate cosplay. Some fans are even going as far as to say that this is what Uta would look like were she real, emphasizing just how well-done the cosplay is.

Reddit user’s Uta cosplay hailed as best seen yet by One Piece fans of Reddit

Several fans and netizens took to the comments section to hail u/godirtypop for their cosplay. One individual hailed the artist and wrote:

“You really bring her to life.”

When were fans first introduced to Uta?

The One Piece fandom was first introduced to Uta when full-length trailers and previews for Film: Red began releasing in Fall 2021, and Winter 2021/2022. The movie was first announced in early November, before various previews and promotional material were released in the months that followed.

This is when fans were first introduced to Uta, and she was teased to be Shanks’ daughter in several pieces of promotional material. It is revealed in the film, however, that she’s not Shanks’ daughter by blood, but rather by adoption. In the same way, Gol D. Roger and his crew found and adopted baby Shanks in a treasure chest they had looted, so Shanks and his crew found and adopted Uta.

She spent her early childhood years on the Red Force as the Red Hair Pirates’ musician, which is how she and Luffy became childhood friends. However, Shanks eventually left her in the care of Gordon of the Elegia Kingdom, where he raised Uta from then on and helped her become the One Piece world’s most famous and successful idol.


Unfortunately, her goals become somewhat more villainous during the events of Film: Red, albeit with a tinge of nobility and kindness. Nevertheless, Luffy and others find themselves opposed to what her goals are, eventually forcing the two childhood friends to fight against each other as seen in the film’s events.

Furthermore, due to one aspect of Uta’s plan, she is implied to have died by the end of the film. While it’s unconfirmed, and there’s no such thing as a true death in One Piece until a dead body is seen, many believe her to be unfortunately deceased. Thankfully, supplemental materials to the mainline story have made her a fully canonized character, despite her current status being unknown.

u/godirtypop even references this in a response to a comment on her post that asks when the next album will be coming out, joking about how much like Uta the cosplayer looks. u/godirtypop by saying that she’s “unsure since state of survival is unsure at this moment,” references Uta’s ambiguous fate following the film’s events.

Follow along for more One Piece anime, manga, film, and live-action news as 2023 progresses.

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