Super Bowl History: Super Bowl IX

Super Bowl IX was the ninth edition of the Super Bowl and was played on January 12th, 1975, at Tulane Stadium in New Orleans, Louisiana. The game featured the Pittsburgh Steelers, who finished the 1974 season with an 11-3 record, against the Minnesota Vikings, who finished the season with a 10-4 record.

The Steelers, led by head coach Chuck Noll and quarterback Terry Bradshaw, had a strong playoff run, defeating the Buffalo Bills, 32-14, in the divisional round and the Oakland Raiders, 24-13, in the AFC Championship game. This was the first Super Bowl appearance for the Steelers, a franchise that was a consistent playoff participant since the seventies, but never played for the championship until Super Bowl IX.

The Vikings, led by head coach Bud Grant and quarterback Fran Tarkenton, also had a strong playoff run, defeating the St. Louis Cardinals, 30-14, in the divisional round and the Los Angeles Rams, 14-10, in the NFC Championship game. This was the fourth Super Bowl appearance for the Vikings in a decade, as they had lost the previous ones.

Super Bowl IX outcome

In Super Bowl IX, the Steelers won 16-6, with a dominant performance by their defense and running game. Steelers running back Franco Harris was named the game’s Most Valuable Player after rushing for 158 yards on 34 carries and scoring the first touchdown of the game. The Steelers’ defense also played a strong game, holding the Vikings to 119 total yards and intercepting Fran Tarkenton once.

The Steelers’ victory in Super Bowl IX was a significant moment in franchise history as it marked their first-ever Super Bowl win and established them as one of the dominant teams of the 1970s. The team’s defense and running game were the key factors in their win, and Franco Harris’ performance was particularly notable. The Vikings, despite being strong competitors in the playoffs and being in their fourth Super Bowl in a decade, were no match for the Steelers’ defense.

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