“It’s so limited in there”- Daniel Cormier details Cain Velasquez’s time in prison and talks about his bail

Daniel Cormier has commented on his close friend Cain Velasquez being released with a $1 million bail.

Life hasn’t been easy for Velasquez and his friends/family. The former UFC heavyweight champion was arrested on attempted murder charges after allegedly firing a gun at Harry Goularte, who allegedly molested Velasquez’s 4-year-old son.

The gunshots Velasquez was accused of firing hit Goularte’s stepfather Paul Bender. After serving eight months, the 40-year-old retired MMA fighter was released on one million dollars bail. Daniel Cormier, a close friend and training partner, joined Ariel Helwani on The MMA Hour and had this to say about the former UFC champion being released:

“He’s happy, because there were some times where he and I sat, and we visited, and we’re just talking about life and what his life became in there. You’ve got to start to adjust. I think one of the most telling things that Cain told me when we were in there, he goes, ‘As I sit here and I’m eating this food, and I’m taking stuff from the commissary, and I’m trying to live, I think back to my pantry, and I can’t imagine I can have any of this, whenever I want it… Because it was so limited in there. So I’m just happy for him to be back.”’

Velasquez’s freedom is not guaranteed moving forward. The American Kickboxing Academy fighter is due back in court on November 21. With that said, being released on bail was a massive step in the right direction after previously being denied three times.

Watch Daniel Cormier discuss Cain Velasquez’s life in prison and bail below:

Daniel Cormier thinks Cain Velasquez won’t have any issues while being out on bail

Cain Velasquez was likely denied bail three times because the judge felt there was a risk of another attack on Harry Goularte. The judge ended up being changed, and Judge Arthur Bocanegra felt Velasquez is not a danger to society upon release. Daniel Cormier commented on his friend’s release by saying:

“They switched judges, so now there’s a new judge, and he said something to the effect of, ‘I hope you are as great a father as everybody says, and you will not do anything that puts you being with that family at risk. And I don’t think for a second that he’s going to. I don’t think he will.”

Velasquez will also be placed on home detention with GPS monitoring, undergo CTE treatment, and counseling for parents of children who have suffered sexual abuse. The former UFC champion faces ten charges that could lead to a sentence of up to life in prison. Judge Bocanegra still believes he should be charged with attempted murder.

“Thank you to everybody who had my support. I love all of you. Just always continue to be better as a person, always do good things and just make something positive of this terrible situation.” – Cain Velasquez 🙏 (via @kron4news) https://t.co/DAv2HvAgXo

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