“He is garbage wrestling-minded like they are”

Jim Cornette has criticized Jon Moxley once again. While discussing MJF’s latest promo from the Pardon My Take podcast, the veteran took a dig at the current AEW World Champion.

Speaking on Jim Cornette Experience, Cornette claimed that The Salt of the Earth needs to win the world championship at the upcoming Full Gear event.

Cornette believes that AEW needs a homegrown star like MJF to win the world title, as AEW fans tend to like Moxley because of their “garbage” wrestling-minded approach.

“This was a fu**ing promo, it was fu**ing great and he finishes up, ‘At Full Gear, The Devil gets his due’ and goddamn it, he better. Because Moxley has been fine, he’s got a name from the WWF, people around the world know him. […] but I think MJF needs to win this thing and make them a real, homegrown World Champion that everybody is into, that they want to hear talk and want to see and want to see involved with instead of the more of the same sh*t with Moxley that we had for the last few years. He is never gonna change,” said Cornette. [From 3:04 to 3:57]

MJF called his match versus Jon Moxley at Full Gear the biggest match in the history of this industry and I believed him because he himself was believing every word he was saying. That’s how you know a guy is a good promo. https://t.co/Y3tgWVNPNq

WWE legend Dustin Rhodes praised Jon Moxley ahead of Full Gear

Dustin Rhodes was recently in conversation with Sports Guys Talk Wrestling. During the interview, the former WWE Intercontinental Champion praised Jon Moxley and his ability to carry the world championship.

Rhodes believes that Moxley knows how to handle himself well and also praised him for delivering every time he steps into the ring. He said:

“Maxwell Jacob Friedman is pretty new in the business, four, five years, [Jon Moxley] has got the experience on it. Mox knows how to carry the title and put the weight of the company on his shoulders basically and carry it and does a great job at it. I love Moxley as champion. He handles himself well and he goes out there and he performs and he delivers.”

Moxley is currently in his third reign as the AEW World Champion and will aim to defend his championship once again successfully.

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