Gisele Bundchen ridding herself of bad vibes as divorce with Tom Brady reportedly loom

Tom Brady and Gisele Bundchen appear to be heading for divorce after being together since 2007. Ahead of any dissolution of marriage papers being filed, the former supermodel was spotted having her car spiritually cleansed, per

Gisele was seen with an unnamed holistic woman. The woman held a smudge stick that burned sage. It was used as the woman walked around Gisele’s car numerous times. This apparently removes bad energy.

Tom Brady and Gisele’s marriage has been in trouble ever since the 45-year-old quarterback un-retired after just 40 days away from the game a couple of months ago. This is what has reportedly led to the couple’s marriage becoming estranged.

Tom Brady and his wife Gisele have reportedly hired divorce lawyers after 13 years of marriage 😳

Gisele allegedly wanted Brady around the house more to help look after their family, as this has been her number one priority for years. Amid their on-going argument, she has been living in a separate house for the last couple of weeks.

Reportedly, both Brady and Gisele have each hired their own divorce lawyers as they look to split all the money, real estate and other items that they own together.

Off-field problems have affected Tom Brady’s football

Green Bay Packers v Tampa Bay Buccaneers
Green Bay Packers v Tampa Bay Buccaneers

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers and their star quarterback have looked off so far in 2022. Many have pointed to Brady and his marriage troubles as the main reason.


It is hard to envision a scenario where this doesn’t affect Brady at all. Potentially divorcing someone you’ve been married to for 13 years and share children with would take its toll, both physically and mentally, on anyone.

The quarterback has not seemed like himself on the field or off the field in his press conferences. He wouldn’t be human if it didn’t take some sort of toll on him. Tom Brady’s marriage woes have left many questioning if coming out of retirement was the right thing to do.


He clearly wants another Super Bowl ring, that now, at least, at the time of writing, looks unlikely (although one should never write off the GOAT).

There is still time for Tom Brady and the Buccaneers to steady the ship, but if it comes at the cost of his marriage, can anyone really say that if he does win another Super Bowl that it was worth it? Probably not.

It is a dark time in the quarterback’s life as it looks like his marriage to Gisele is entering its final hours.

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