Former UFC fighter makes remark about Gisele Bundchen’s relationship status after divorce from Tom Brady 

Former UFC fighter Jake Shields has given Tom Brady some, shall we say, advice after his divorce from Gisele Bundchen. The former supermodel was reportedly spotted with a Jiu-Jitsu instructor on vacation in Costa Rica.

With the pair now officially separated, Bundchen has not wasted any time in finding a new companion, by the looks of it. Shields took to his Twitter page to give the 45-year-old legendary quarterback some advice.

Shields wrote above a photo of the supermodel and the martial arts instructor:

“Never leave your girl alone with her Jiu Jitsu instructor or Pete Davidson.”

Never leave your girl alone with her Jiu Jitsu instructor or Pete Davidson

Now, this is not to say that anything has or will happen between Bundchen and the instructor as the divorce is still fresh. However, given the headline, it does make us wonder.

For Shields, it appears he is under no illusions about what the vacation of Bundchen with the instructor means.

Tom Brady ready to put divorce behind him

Tom Brady is single now
Tom Brady is single now

Much of the first half of the 2022 NFL season has been dominated by news of Tom Brady and his divorce. The Tampa Bay Buccaneers endured a horrible start to the year which only magnified the level of scrutiny that Brady and his off-field issues were having.


No one can deny that the seven-time Super Bowl champion wasn’t himself on the field. He wouldn’t be human if he was. Spending 13 years married to someone, to then head for divorce would take anyone to the edge of their limits. Now imagine trying to play professional football.

With the divorce now behind him, Brady has a 2-0 record. Coincidence? Possibly, but now with the off-field distractions no longer there, he can concentrate on football. This is rather ironic given that football is reportedly what caused his marriage to end.


Now though, Tom Brady is fully focused on trying to resurrect the Buccaneers’ faltering season. With back-to-back wins over the Los Angeles Rams and the Seattle Seahawks, are things slowly turning around for Tampa Bay?

At face value, it sure looks like it. With Tampa now back at .500 with a 5-5 record and being in first place in the NFC South, the Buccaneers again have their destiny in their own hands.

For the seven-time Super Bowl champ, clearly, the separation from his wife troubled him on and off the field. But now with that behind him, football takes center stage.

For the rest of the NFL, the Buccaneers are geared up fully and with their 45-year-old superstar could do some serious damage in the lead-up to the postseason.

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