Daniel Cormier explains why he never fist bumped Bruce Buffer before his fights 

Like many athletes in other sports, MMA fighters are also superstitious, and Daniel Cormier is one of them.

During his UFC 281 media availability, Daniel Cormier mentioned that he avoided fist-bumping with octagon voice Bruce Buffer when he would do the fighter introductions by saying:

“Fighters dream about being in the UFC title fight and having Bruce Buffer and there’s a lot that goes into it because the lights go off and then you’re standing there with some guy that wants to rip your head off and Bruce is in there looking as good as any person that’s ever dressed in the history of humanity. And he starts to say your name and my thing was always to get through it, get fired up by it, never give Bruce the fist-bump. Kiss of death, at least it used to be. The guys have started to kind of like not lose as much when they fist-bump Bruce. But for a while, you fist-bump Bruce, you lose your title.”

‘DC’ added that Buffer remains an important fixture for the UFC and that he is synonymous with the promotion:

“Again, the glitz and the glamor, his whole thing is as UFC as UFC comes. And the UFC would not be the same as Bruce Buffer. It’s a magical moment being in there with him.”

Buffer has been with the promotion since UFC 8 and remains a fan favorite, with his ability to always get the crowd pumped up for the main event with his signature spin and catchphrase “It’s time!”

Daniel Cormier unveils top-5 fighters list

.@dc_mma gives us his top fighters of ALL-TIME 👀1. Floyd Mayweather Jr.2. Khabib Nurmagomedov3. Muhammad Ali4. Georges St-Pierre5. Amanda Nunes https://t.co/VNMS29ovpE

Daniel Cormier is receiving some backlash from fans on social media for being biased towards his friend and AKA teammate Khabib Nurmagomedov.

‘DC’ was recently a guest on ESPN’s First Take, where he gave his top-5 fighters of all-time list. He listed ‘The Eagle’ at No.2 ahead of Muhammad Ali and former two-division UFC champion Georges ‘Rush’ St-Pierre. First Take co-host Stephen A. Smith clearly didn’t agree with Ali being listed at No.3, but didn’t have a problem with Nurmagomedov at No.2 and Floyd ‘Money’ Mayweather at No.1.

During his UFC 281 media availability, Cormier poked fun at the situation and mentioned that he needs to wear a shirt that reads, “Biased.” He then brought up Jan Blachowicz’s statement that he also believes the former undefeated lightweight champion is the greatest fighter.

“I’m going to start wearing a t-shirt that says, ‘Biased.'”Daniel Cormier (@dc_mma) defends putting Khabib at No. 2 on his top five fighters of all time list. 😂Full interview: bit.ly/3WQjbOr https://t.co/7T3ru68HDR

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