Asmongold reveals the massive amount of money he was offered through Twitch’s Bounty system

During a livestream on Friday (December 9), Twitch star Zack “Asmongold” received a question from a viewer, asking him how he managed to run fewer ads on his channel. The content creator took the opportunity to explain how he makes money through the live-streaming platform and showcased his dashboard to the audience.

After jokingly saying that he simply does not click the “money button,” Zack noticed that Twitch offered him $12,000 to do something for ten minutes through the Bounty System.


“Isn’t that crazy?” – Asmongold reacts after revealing that he was offered $12,000 through Twitch’s Bounty system

Asmongold was flying around the Vale of Eternal Blossoms zone in World of Warcraft at the four-hour mark of the stream. His attention was then drawn to a Twitch viewer commenting:

“How the f**k do you play so little ads?”

The One True King (OTK) co-founder displayed his Twitch dashboard and highlighted three buttons that are used to run advertisements. He elaborated:

“You want to know how I run so little ads? I’ll show you. So… right here, this is my dashboard, and this is how I read you guys off of. And this button right here, this is the money button (pointing towards a three-minute ad button). This is the money button (pointing towards a two-and-a-half-minute ad button). This is also the money button (pointing towards a minute-long ad button).”

He continued further by saying that he “just doesn’t” click the aforementioned buttons:

“They’re green because green is what color money is. So what I do is, I just don’t click this button. It’s pretty simple. Yeah!”

Timestamp: 04:36:15

Asmongold wanted to share how much money Twitch was offering through their Ad Incentive Program. However, he then noticed his dashboard notifying him about the bounty and asked the audience if he was allowed to show it on the livestream:

“Actually do you guys want to see how much my ad incentive would be? Let’s see. Back to my Bounty board. Where do I… Bounty Board… and… wow! Can I show you my Bounty Board on stream? Has anybody shown it before?”

After fans suggested that he should refrain from sharing information, Asmongold revealed that he was offered $12,000 for doing something for ten minutes:

“This is crazy! Well, I’ll just tell you guys. Okay? I think I can tell you guys. One of the things that it has for me to do here, all I have to do is, do something for ten minutes and they give me $12,000. Isn’t that crazy? Holy f**k! That’s nuts! Yeah, because I never get updates like that.”

Some viewers wanted to know what the Bounty System was. Asmongold went on to explain:

“It’s basically like, sponsored streams that Twitch; that’s like, Twitch locks for like, streamers.”

Fans react to the streamer getting a $12,000 bounty on Twitch

The YouTube comments section featured more than 98 fan reactions, and here’s a snippet of some relevant ones:

Fans in the YouTube comments section reacting to the streamer's bounty payout on Twitch (Image via Asmongold Clips/YouTube)
Fans in the YouTube comments section reacting to the streamer’s bounty payout on Twitch (Image via Asmongold Clips/YouTube)

While many viewers praised Asmongold for not running constant advertisements on his Twitch channel, another community member suggested the streamer do weekly bounty streams and donate the proceeds to charity.

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