How to ensures the cake delivery on time?

2021-12-22 by Safe Global LTD
How to ensures the cake delivery on time?

You're doing an excellent work as a cake baker, but it's not logical making a delicious cake when can't make it available on time, with no damage that may be caused by the cake or out of the packaging. These are the guidelines to follow when it comes to cake delivery

1. Cost for cake delivery
It's obvious that you'll cost the purchaser for delivery, but ensure that you charge the right amount for the right motives. Don't overcharge the client to charge more money than what it is suppose to be due to the fact that customers may stop buying the cake due to the high delivery costs.

2. Make sure your cake is properly arranged
If you've put together your cake properly There is no need to worry in the future since it's all perfectly arranged. It will not be at risk of falling or becoming damaged along the way.

3. Make plans for the future
Here are a few things you can ask yourself when making your delivery plan:

Have you been to this area before?

How much time will it take me to arrive?

Do I have to deliver in rush hour?

4. Make sure you deliver your order promptly
It's a great indication to make sure that you deliver your order on time. This will create a great image for the baker and will surely also recommend you to others. In addition you'll get the opportunity to arrange the cake so that you can create an attractive appearance of the cake.

5. Kit for emergency cake supplies
It is said that "Precaution is better than cure". This applies to cake delivery, too. You don't know what could take place to the cakes once it arrives at the place, and if you don't bring the necessary items, then all the effort put into the baker will be wasted. This kit comes with additional frosting, bags for piping dowels, couplers, fondant offset, spatulas, offset, and numerous other items. All of these items will save your from embarrassment in front of your clients.
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