Tips to Stay Healthy and Beat Air Pollution This Diwali

2021-11-04 by Safe Global LTD
Tips to Stay Healthy and Beat Air Pollution This Diwali

The season of lights has come! As people get ready for the most anticipated holiday that they can remember, they're worried about the spread of the disease and air pollution. With the various variations of Coronavirus continuing cause havoc to our lives, pollution from the air can be a major factor in the escalating situation. For those who aren't aware air pollution is a serious issue that can cause harm to our bodily organs as well as bodily processes. It may aggravate COPD asthma, bronchial asthma anxiety, fatigue, allergies as well as make headaches worse and eye, throat and nasal irritations and could cause harm to the cardiovascular and nervous systems. 

Since the Coronavirus is primarily affecting the lungs, individuals who have preexisting medical conditions, especially respiratory illnesses, must be cautious. Based on studies conducted in Harvard University and the journal Cardiovascular Research, air pollution increases the chance of dying and serious symptoms of COVID-19. 

Another article has been published within Lung India, the official journal of the Indian Chest Society, the firecrackers that are used in India generate significant amounts of particles (PM) which are tiny droplets or particles of pollutants in the air which are typically visible after the burning, leading to both short-term and potentially long-term health consequences. People who are elderly and children with health issues that predate them like chronic lung diseases or heart disease are more prone to the negative impacts. 

Here are some easy ideas to have a happy healthy, safe, and secure Diwali:

Do not use Agarbati candles, Agarbati diyas inside to help decrease pollution. LEDs that are sustainable can be used since they do not release particulates in addition to providing light.

Let proper airflow in by opening the windows and doors frequently to allow air to circulate throughout your home to keep the atmosphere clean. Avoid opening the windows or doors during the evening due to pollutant levels that are high.

Do not burn the remains of crackers in the following day because particulate matter and gases such as Nitrogen oxides as well as Sulphur dioxide can be added into crackers to produce stunning colors and sparkling along with gases and particulate matter which linger in the air for long periods of time eye irritation and blocking our lungs.

We've all heard the importance of wearing a mask to assist in stopping spreading of new Coronavirus. Therefore, if you'd like to keep away from pollution and Coronavirus, ensure that you wear a high-quality mask, and preferably N95, N99, or N100 masks. They are extremely effective in eliminating tiny particles from the air before leaving your home.

Make sure you invest into an air purifier in case you suffer from any preexisting health issues, and it will be helpful in the removal of particulate pollutants as well as allergens, toxins and toxins due to the current state of affairs as well as the unhealthy air quality that exists in the large cities.

Anyone with a preexisting respiratory condition should have emergency medication, nebulizers and other medical equipment available.

The pollution levels are at their highest ever. Therefore, instead of skipping your exercise, choose the indoor gym. It's recommended to limit children's outdoor time at a minimum during this period. This is especially important for those who have preexisting health issues.

A lot of cities have plans to be green this year. Follow the lead of the government, and also celebrate Diwali by lighting up the night with sweets and candles instead of fireworks. This is a great long-term solution to improve air quality and reducing the risk of covid, particularly for those with high or moderate risk of developing lung disease.


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