Most Effective Earn Money Online in India

2021-07-11 by Safe Global LTD
Most Effective Earn Money Online in India

There are so many ways to earn money online. But let's talk about 3 ways in which it can be done by anyone and make money.

Independent content creation


Affiliate Marketing Agent

Why these 3 tasks are simple, advanced and effective

-These tasks are easy because anyone can do them. An engineer, a Housewife, a retired person, a Grandmother or a teenager can do it.

-Activities work because without investing a lot of money you can start and earn good money.

-These tasks are best because there are no 9-5 bonds, no Boss and you can work as you like.

-Also, these methods require very little or no investment.

1. Creating independent content

What is Freelancing?

When someone is self-employed without being affiliated with any company or organization. In simple terms, if I take a contract from anyone to get his job done without being hired under him and I charge him accordingly.;

There are many activities that can be downloaded and submitted online. If you have a good skill you can use it to make money. Suppose you could write. You can use this skill to write articles and sell them.

Content creation

From the beginning of creating social media content to a different level. You can write articles and sell them online. You can create, edit and distribute videos for sale. There are many websites that require different types of content. You can approach them and create content for them.

1. You can sell images on websites like Shutterstock, Unsplash, Pexels, etc.

2. You can create and edit videos of popular youtube channels

3. You can write articles for websites

I personally create a lot of content on other websites. This way you can get a good value. Let me give you a simple example. Content author rating charges from 0.6 paise / name to 2 or 3 rupees / name. Suppose you charge 1 rupee / name. He also writes 4 articles, for approx. 800 words, per day. You can easily earn about 96000 Rs / month.

The best part of content creation is that it does not require investment.

Other skills that can be done online are Website Designing / Development, Legal Advisors, Marketing, Counseling, etc. But these skills require some skill which is why we keep our focus on those topics that don’t need to be done.

Now the big problem for Freelancers is where can you get a job?

There are many websites that offer independent providers to offer their services. People post their work online that you can bid. The person then rewards the project according to your reputation and bid price.

What websites can independent workers find work?

There are many such websites. Some of the most popular websites are: -

a. Fiverr

b. Performance

c. Free

d. SimplyHired

2. Blogging

Why is blogging one of the easiest ways to make money?

Blogging is one of the areas where technology is not required and it is the cheapest way to invest money online. You can start your own blog even if you just want to share your experience. The basic requirement is that you know how to use the Internet. Anyone can do blogging and make money online no matter if it is a 60 year old Aunt or a 15 year old child.

Why is it one of the best ways to earn money?

What if I told you that if you are a Blogger you can earn money while you sleep?

You can be happy. Isn't it?

The best part about blogging is that once you post an article, video, audio or photo it will keep you earning money until then. For example, if you wrote an article from the top google search. You will continue to earn money with it whether you are online or not.

Another great part about Blogging is that you don’t have a local collateral. You can work while on vacation in the Maldives or anywhere else in the world.

There are many other benefits too. You will be relieved of the 9-5 daily office schedule and if you earn well then you can also plan and retire early.

What is blogging?

Blogging is a way to share experiences, ideas and others through content (Website, Blog, Facebook, Instagram, etc.).

Blogging can take many forms. An old aunt who talks on youtube about cooking or a small t-shirt boasting about new technology on Facebook or a homemaker posting pictures of herself on her worldwide tour on Instagram or Blog like this. These are different blogs.

Let us now consider the main question.

Is it possible to earn money through Blogging?

Ever heard of Simplilearn?

The owner of Simplilearn started a blog that discussed a certificate called PMP. The name of the Blog was Simplilearn. Now that the Blog is a complete company that provides platforms, classes, and resources for employees to recreate or improve themselves.

Shraddha Sharma started your It has now become one of the most popular media outlets in the world for start-up news.

Similarly, Kamiya Jani has launched the Curly Tales food blog. He is now one of the most popular faces on the internet. And how can we forget Bhuvan Bam of BB ki Vines fame and Amit Bhadana is known for videos full of jokes on youtube?

How many ways can we make blogging?

Instagram and Facebook - Blogging is great. There are many ways to start a blog.

Suppose you like to travel and take pictures of places you have visited. After a while, you want to share this experience with others by posting photos with small captions. Instagram and Facebook are your best platforms. Check out the twisted myths on the Instagram page, it will give you the idea of ​​blogging on Instagram.

Youtube - If you want to post your videos online and make money Youtube is the best platform. Along with youtube, you can use Facebook too.


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